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Skipped Back 10

February 20th, 2006


phone whore
This weekend I was really bored. There isn't much to do around town when you are new to the neighborhood and don't get wasted. I mean I go out to the club but I don't get drunk or do other drugs. At most clubs guys want to buy drinks. Then after they buy you one drink they expect you to keep drinking. And if you don't they leave you alone, It seems like they just are looking for a girl who is so drunk that she has no inhabitions, well I have no inhabitions sober. I want to remember who I was with at the club and not have a massive hang over the next day. So I came home early and sat watching movies, I wish I had some fun over the weekend.

February 12th, 2006

(no subject)

orgasms, masturbation, oral, phone, erotic phone entertainment
Everyone keeps asking me what's my fantasy. I always answer that I have many, because I really honestly do have many different ones. I would have to say that I actually don't have a favorite fantasy. However, I know that the young age-play fantasy is easier for me to do because my voice sounds young. It is hard to do an older sounding woman. So I tend to shy away from those. However, I can do any fantasy it doesn't matter what it is about as long as it ends satisfyingly.

February 3rd, 2006

I was 14 years old and attending catholic school. Some of the girls in gym class were talking about how they were fucking their boyfriends over the weekend. I told one girl, whom I was friends with named Sara that I was still a virgin and I had no idea what they were talking about. Sara offered to show me some things after class in the shower room and I agreed. Therefore, after class we waited for all the girls to leave and went into the shower area. Sara brought out a blue vibe and she started showing me how to use it on her and myself. I really enjoyed it and she said that she would continue to teach me everything she knew.

We continued to do this everyday after class for about 3 months. Well one day while we were in the middle of a learning experience our male gym teacher Kyle walks into the locker room. Kyle thought that the locker room was empty; boy did he get a surprise when he came around the shower wall and found Sara fucking me with a strap-on. He scared the shit out of us, and I thought we were going to be suspended and they would call our parents. However, Kyle told us that he would not tell on us, but we had to do things for him. At first when he said it, I was scared because I was just learning everything about myself physically. To my amazement, I enjoyed him stuffing his large cock in my tight pink slit as Sara sat on my face. We continued our arrangement for quite some time, until Sara got a boyfriend. After that, I always had Kyle to teach me knew things. I got an “A” in gym class that year and the following year. The other kids in gym class called me the teacher’s pet but they did not know how right they were.

Very Naughty and Horny

orgasms, masturbation, oral, phone, erotic phone entertainment
I am very horny today. I went to the club last night and there was this really hot guy there. He wasn't there alone so I didn't approach him but ooh the naughty thoughts I was having while looking at him. The funny thing is when I first noticed him he was just dancing with this girl he was there with. They both were dancing close and she was grinding on him but it didn't have an effect on him aparently because his cock wasn't hard. So as the night progressed I was dancing with different men in the club but every once in a while I would catch a glimpse of this guy watching me. I know that he was thinkng the same or similiar thoughts I was because at one point he wasn't dancing just standing by the dance floor watching with his hard cock. It turned me on so much. I know if he would of approached me I would have fucked him then.

January 30th, 2006


orgasms, masturbation, oral, phone, erotic phone entertainment
I was sitting here at the computer yesterday wondering why no women ever call me. I mean I know that straight women don't have a need for phone sex but what about the lesbian or bi women of the world. I am bi and I know if I was horny and without someone I would definitely call for phone sex. I mean hey there are psos that are bi like myself. I don't see why they wouldn't get enjoyment from it as long as they have toys, but what lesbian or bi doesn't.

January 27th, 2006

Cum Play!!

orgasms, masturbation, oral, phone, erotic phone entertainment
Welcum to my journal. I am just starting this journal and plan to use it for all my kinky thoughts.

Hey guys my name is Emily and I'm 20 years old. I am an ex-Catholic student wanting to on Girls Gone Wild. A natural freak since I fooled around with my classmates from gym. My girlfriend and I had a lot of fun pushing many items in and out of our small tight pink pussies. We used anything we could find until the male gym teacher, Kyle, caught us in the shower. He promised not to tell if we did “things” for him. To my amazement, I enjoyed his big cock being stuffed into my tiny pink cunt. He fucked my pussy while my girlfriend sat on my face. After that, I never had to experiment with my classmates again. Kyle called me his teacher’s “pet”.

I am a horny slut looking to fill my pink holes with cock. I love age-play, incest, the shy babysitter, the Naughty babysitter, your daughter’s friend, daddy’s little girl, spoiled princess, any and ALL fantasies you can think of I’ll do. I have NO TABOOS. I am the naughtiest little girl you could ever hope to meet. You won't believe it, but I sound younger than I actually am and have no limits on age-play. So if you are looking for something sweet that can't be beat or a young girl who seems innocent but is really a nasty little slut then I'm your girl!

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