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Erotic Emily

My Catholic School Girl Days

My Catholic School Girl Days

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Shortly after her 18th birthday, high school senior Emily was told her parents were going out of town for the weekend. And she was going to be left all by herself in the sprawling suburban ranch house for the first time. Emily’s eyes lit up as she realized this was the opportunity she and her boyfriend Max had been waiting for. They hadn’t been dating that long, but she was 18 and he was 26, so she knew he was getting impatient for her to go further with him.

It was Thursday night and as soon as her parents went to bed for the evening, Emily called Max to give him the news. She told him excitedly that her parents were leaving in the morning to go to a conference in Florida and would be gone until Sunday night.

“Pick me up from school tomorrow at 3:00 and we can come back here and stay the whole weekend together.” Emily was excited just thinking about it, imagining her boyfriend, her handsome, sexy boyfriend, on top of her, taking her in her bed. She felt herself getting all wet with just the thought of him inside her. He agreed to pick her up the next day and seemed eager himself to start their weekend together. He knew Emily was of age, but still being in high school, her parents kept a pretty tight leash on her.

The next day, Emily got dressed for school in her usual uniform: a grey and red plaid wool skirt, white blouse and black cardigan sweater. Her broken-in saddle shoes and white knee socks completed the outfit. She ran downstairs to grab a bite to eat before it was time to go.

“Hurry up, Emily. We’re going to be late!” her mom called.

Emily swiped a bagel from the cabinet, grabbed her backpack, and headed out to the car where her parents were already waiting. They dropped her at school everyday, too paranoid to trust her with her own car. It was the bane of Emily’s existence, but she loved her parents and tried not to complain.

St. Mary’s Catholic School for Girls had both elementary students and high school students. Her parents swung the SUV around to the back entrance where the high school girls went in.

“Have a good trip, guys!! Love you!” she yelled behind her as she shut the door to the car and ran into the building.

Emily sat impatiently through all her classes that sunny Friday. All she could think about was Max and getting home and having him undress her and do all of the things she liked him to do plus a few he said he wanted to do to her. She was in Physics class 2nd period, thinking about him, her eyes closed almost involuntarily. She pictured him shoving her up against the wall of the dining room, pulling up her skirt, taking off her panties, and doing it to her right then and there. Emily moaned at the thought and realized too late that she had moaned out loud. Her eyes flew open and she saw that everyone was staring at her. Her best friend, Sarah, was grinning knowingly from ear to ear. Emily’s face turned bright red and she slunk down in her desk. Luckily the teacher hadn’t caught it, only the entire class. Emily glared at Sarahh, who winked at her and turned her attention back to the board. The teacher was droning on and on about something, Emily didn’t even know what at this point. She was just hoping not to get called on.

After class, Sarah caught up with Emily as she was scurrying out of the room.

“He’s coming over tonite isn’t he?” she asked her friend, nudging her with her elbow. “Come on!! You are supposed to tell me these things!” Emily grinned at her and nodded. Sarah jumped up and down and clapped her on the back. Sarah had de-virginized Emily long ago and had been waiting not so patiently for Emily to get a boyfriend so they could dish about sex. Emily, however, had dated the teacher who helped de-virginize her and wanted to wait until she found the right guy. And now she had. And Sarah couldn’t be more thrilled.

The rest of the day passed in a blur of daydreams and anticipation for Emily. When the final bell rang at three o’clock, she hurried from the classroom and out the back door of the school where Max was waiting. Emily intercepted her as she hit the parking lot and gave her a huge hug.

“Have fun,” she whispered in her ear. She squeezed her hard one more time and let her best friend run off to get laid. “I want details!!” she yelled after her as Emily climbed into Max’s car, throwing a smile back at her.

Emily got in the car and leaned over to kiss Max. It was a brief but passionate kiss, full of longing and potential, both of them knowing what was to come. Max smiled at his girlfriend, thinking how gorgeous she was and how he couldn’t wait to get her home. Emily smiled at her boyfriend, thinking how handsome he was and how she couldn’t wait for him to get her home. Max pulled out of the school parking lot and headed toward the suburbs.

Thirty minutes later, they pulled up in Emily's driveway. Emily unlocked the front door and let Max in behind her. She dropped her backpack in the hallway and went in to the kitchen.

“Do you want anything to eat?” she asked him, opening the fridge and peering inside to see if her mom had left her anything special to eat. There were some leftover meals with notes on them for how long to microwave them and such. And there was pizza money on the counter. Her mom knew her well enough to know she wouldn’t touch the leftovers. She smiled at the thoughtful gesture.

Max stared at her, unable to think of food, or anything else for that matter, when he had her alone in her own big house. She pranced around the kitchen, seemingly oblivious to the sexual tension that was rapidly building between them. But suddenly she was nervous and was perhaps subconsciously trying to avoid the situation. He grabbed her by the arm, not roughly but still forceful. He pushed her up against the refrigerator and kissed her hard. She whimpered as her arms went around him and she relished the feel of his lips on hers. God, he was an amazing kisser. He could turn her knees to jelly with just a simple kiss. But this was no simple kiss. His lips were unyielding, taking from her everything she could give.

Emily felt his need pushing against her, his cock was already hard and throbbing, wanting her. She moaned as he rubbed himself against her and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he continued to ravage her mouth with his. The kiss deepened and his tongue was in her mouth, exploring every inch of her. His hands were all over her body, her breasts, her butt, her arms. Everywhere he could touch, he did. She held him close to her as his bruising kiss moved from her lips to her throat. He moved down from her throat to the place where neck meets shoulder, a sensitive and intoxicating spot. As he kissed her, Max unzipped his pants and let them drop to his ankles. He reached a hand underneath Emily to peel her panties away. Emily, her legs still wrapped tightly around him, ran her lips along his neck to the part of his chest that showed through his open shirt. His patch of chest hair turned her on so much. This was no boy; he was a man. And she wanted him.

She let him remove her panties and she felt him push her skirt up a little. He shoved his fingers inside of her all of a sudden and Emily cried out. She was so wet she dripped down his hand as he fingered her. She was more than ready for him. He lifted her against the wall and, watching her face, slowly thrust his throbbing dick into her pussy. Emily moaned in pleasure as she felt him moving inside of her. He was so hard and she thought about how amazing it felt. Electric sensations were running through her blood, coursing through her entire body. He shoved himself in and out of her, gently at first until he sensed that her need for him was as great as his for her. Then he started to fuck her harder. He held on to her tightly as he fucked her up against the fridge, her moans echoing in the big kitchen. Her nails dug into his shoulders, and all she could think was that she wanted more.

“More,” she whispered to him, not entirely sure what that meant. But it was all she could think. “Please, baby, more.” It came out as a plea and Max was happy to oblige. He went harder and deeper, as deep inside of her as he could go. She was so tight around him it drove him crazy. He could feel himself close to coming but didn’t want to slow down. She wanted him harder and faster and he wanted to give it to her. Desperately she clung to him as Max’s thrusting became even more intense. She cried out as she felt her orgasm rocket through her body, from her belly to the tips of her toes and fingers. Max, knowing he had pleased her, gave one final thrust into her and pulled out quickly, coming all over her stomach.

Max collapsed from exhaustion and together he and Emily fell into a heap on the floor. Emily was still in her uniform and Max was only half clothed. Max kissed her and told her she was amazing. Emily couldn’t think or move, so she just groaned at him in response. She felt sated, like her whole life she had been building up tension to be released and it was all gone.

Max propped himself up on his elbows and looked at her. She was so beautiful and with the flush of orgasm she looked twice as good. Her skin was all rosy and glowing and she smiled at him the slow and lazy smile of someone who has just been pleasured. She stretched like a cat and nuzzled against him. He jumped up and pulled her off the floor into his arms, carrying her upstairs. He found her bedroom down the hallway and laid her on the soft, fluffy blue comforter.

Slowly, he unzipped her skirt and pulled it off. Emily watched him undressing her, barely able to keep her eyes open. Max took his time, savoring every inch of her naked skin. He unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off, then he unhooked her white lacy bra and revealed her firm little breasts. She was so young and tender he couldn’t help but gaze at her. Her eyes followed him lazily as he stood up next to the bed and took of his shirt and remaining clothes. He lay down next to her, both of them naked, and he began to caress her. He stroked her skin from head to toe, starting with her face and neck, moving slowly and softly down to her shoulders and her breasts. From there he ran his fingers over her stomach and then her thighs, stopping to tease her by massaging her inner thighs as close as he could get to her pussy without touching. Max finished by stroking her legs all the way to her feet and started back up again. Emily was softly writhing on the bed, making small moaning sounds at his touch.

Max was hard again just touching her. Her skin was so soft. Emily sat up and kissed him, deciding it was her turn to take charge. She moved her lips down his neck to his chest, teasing and nibbling on his nipples. He gasped in pleasure. She continued down to his stomach, her tongue flicking in and out of his navel. Her hands followed her exploration, toying with him, touching him everywhere her mouth touched. With her head between Max’s legs, she began to lick at his balls. Max convulsed and moaned, his fingers grabbing for something to hold on to. Her hands played with his engorged dick as her tongue explored him. She ran her tongue up the shaft of his member and flicked the tip of it as Max arched his back and groaned her name aloud. She toyed with him, tantalizing him, making him want it so bad he could hardly see straight, before she took him full in her mouth. She sucked and stroked and squeezed and licked him into oblivion. She had brought him almost to the brink when she climbed on top of him. Max was taken aback by her show of boldness. She was fearless now as she straddled him. She leaned forward and took the tip of his dick into her just a tiny bit, letting him feel how wet she was from sucking him off. She lifted herself up and down ever so slowly on him, each time letting the smallest bit of his throbbing penis inside of her.

“Please,” he whispered. And that was all it took. Emily slammed herself down on his cock, ramming him into herself full length. Max screamed out loud and bucked with pleasure. She began to ride him, hard and fast, her hands grabbing at his chest hair, holding on to him. He held her under her butt guiding her as she rocked back and forth. Emily hadn’t thought it would get any better than her first time with Sarah, but this was amazing. He was so deep, and she only wanted him deeper and deeper. He brought his hips up as she moved, pushing himself farther into her dripping pussy. Her juices ran down his balls and onto the sheets. She hadn’t known she could be this wet. He slid in and out of her so smoothly and she knew she would come again soon. She rode him harder, the tingling sensation beginning to build inside of her. They joined hands so she could push herself harder, so she could go faster. She was crying out now, wanting to come so badly. Emily threw her head back as she arched and felt the orgasm rocking through her body. She moved off of Max and took him in her mouth again, sucking him hard until he came into her mouth. She stretched herself out beside him and began to doze off, thinking only of the next two days and all the things Max would do to her…

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