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Erotic Emily

The Neighbor Boy..

The Neighbor Boy..

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I shuddered from the relief of the orgasm and slumped back into bed. The vibrator, still wet from between my legs, rested in my hand and I sighed in relaxation. I lay there on the bed, my long tanned body naked on the silver silk sheets and thought about how unbelievably frustrated I was. It had been almost six months now, since Brad, my ex-boyfriend had cheated on me and I moved back down south. It was a bad split, since we had been together for nine months. I am 21 now and it is the first time since I left home that I had not had a man around. We had never really been the best couple, but our sex life was incredible. It was really the only reason that our relationship had lasted as long as it did, the sex. And now, I was as sexually frustrated as a woman could get.

I stood and walked into the bathroom. I noticed myself in the large mirror. My tanned skin was completely due to the five months spent in California in the sun. I trailed a finger down my neck between my full breasts, I am tall 5'7". I wish I had more curves, being only 119 lbs, I thought. My breasts were perfect, a 34C, for my body, and sometimes they attracted too much attention from men. I ran a quick finger through my long blond hair, I really liked the blonde highlights that I had put in the other day. The contrasting colors of my light hair and tanned body was a great look. Well, I thought, I might as well not waste the entire day. A morning lounging at my apartment complex's swimming pool would be a great way to start the day off.

The apartment complex was huge with 25 separate buildings full of apartments and the swimming pool was always busy with people. But now that it was the summer, many of the high school kids were out of school and they were always there. Normally, I did not enjoy the attention that all the teenage boys gave me when I was there. It was pretty obvious what they were thinking as I sunbathed next to the pool. Any hormone-filled teenage would be crazy not to notice me, I was by far the sexiest woman that ever came to the pool and it was not a coincidence that the number of boys at the pool always grew when I was there.

I walked out of the clubhouse that led to the pool and was thankful that there weren't too many people there yet this morning. A mom was there in the pool splashing with her little girl and another older gentleman was sunning himself by the clubhouse door. I could feel his eyes following my white skirt as it swayed while I walked to the other end of the pool. I put my towel down on the hot lounge chair and pulled the little bright green tank top over my head and set it down. I slid the little white skirt down my long legs and put it next to the tank top. I looked over to the corner of the pool and I noticed a young boy staring intently at me. He had stopped in his tracks as he was walking to another chair and I quickly noticed that he had stopped to watch me take my clothes off. He quickly began walking again, but stumbled as he did almost falling. I smiled a small smile as I sat down and began to put suntan lotion on.

As I was rubbing the lotion on, I looked out of the corner of my eye at the boy. I had not noticed him around before, but as he took off his shirt, I did now. He was a little taller than I was, but he had the body of an athlete. He was muscular and toned, but still wasn't quite matured yet. I noticed that I was rubbing the lotion in the same spot as I watched him and quickly moved on. God, I'm way too horny, I thought with a sigh and laid back onto the chair.

I drifted into a half sleep as she enjoyed the sunshine of the day. I was a little startled by the quiet voice as she opened her eyes.
"Uhhh, hi." The boy said his voice a little shaky. "Your shirt blew into the pool, I got it for you." He said holding up the dripping wet tank top.
"Oh, no." I said reaching up for the shirt and wringing the water out of it. "Thank you so much, I wouldn't even had noticed it if it wasn't for you." I said smiling up at the boy.
"I'm Emily." I said extending a hand.
"I'm Matt." The boy said taking my hand.
"I haven't seen you around here before, Matt, did you just move here?"
"No, we've lived here, like, a year now. I don't have much free time, I play baseball for my high school team and I work part-time on the weekends for my dad."
"Well, it's nice to know that there's a gentleman around when you need him." I said smiling and giving him a quick wink.
Matt just stood there and smiled back shyly.
"You don't have to sit over there by yourself, why don't you join me?" I said gesturing to the chair next to her.
"Okay." Matt said sitting down quickly.
"Don't you want to get your stuff?" I laughed.
"Uhhh. No, that's all right." Matt said blushing.
"So you're in high school? I asked as I lay back down on the chair.
"Yeah, going to be a senior next year."
"Really?" I said surprising myself. "You look older."
"I'm 17, almost 18."
"So if you're so busy, when do you find the time for girls?" I asked wondering to myself why I asked the question.
"I don't, really." Matt said looking down at his chest.
"Well, I find that hard to believe, you're a good looking guy, I would think you would have girls falling all over you." I said waiting for him to look at me and then I smiled. He responded with a shy smile.
"I have trouble talking to girls." He said quietly.
"It's easy, you just have to be yourself." I said
"Yeah, but it's not that easy." Matt said dryly.
"Well, you're talking to me, right?" I said laughing.
"It's different though." Matt said
"Why?" I asked.
"You're...you're out of my league." He said hurriedly.
"Don't sell yourself short. You gotta have confidence. That's what girls your age like." I stated.
"It's just hard, you know. If you haven't..." His voice trailed off.
"Haven't what?" I coyly asked
"You know." He blushingly said.
"Ahhh." I said with a smile on my face.
"Well, trust me, Matt. You're a cute, sexy guy, who is also nice. That's a great catch and sometimes girls your age don't know it yet, they aren't as experienced as they pretend." I stated matter of factly.
"Okay." Matt said closing his eyes.

We both laid there in silence for awhile. I noticed that my nipples were starting to harden and were clearly visible through my bikini top. I hadn't noticed while I was talking to Matt, but now I finally realized that I was getting turned on. It might be time for another round with my vibrator, I thought, before things get out of hand.

"Well, Matt, it was really nice talking to you. I'm going to get going." I said standing up and grabbing my skirt. I wasn't really sure why, but I stood facing away from Matt as I slid my skirt back on. I leaned farther forward then I needed to, making sure that my toned ass was easy for him to see. I looked back quickly and noticed he was staring at me as I pulled the skirt up. His eyes were fixated on my ass as I turned around and I could see by the bulge in his swimming trunks he was completely hard.
"Matt, do you think that you could come over this afternoon and move some furniture for me? If it's not too much trouble?" I asked.
"Yeah. Okay." He said shifting in his chair trying to hide his erection.
"Okay, aparment 1010." I stated.

The knock on the door was loud and I opened the door. Matt was standing there awkwardly.
"Come in." I said as Matt slowly walked in.
"Thank you so much." I said. "Could you move that desk from that corner to this corner." I said pointing.
"Sure." Matt said as he lifted the heavy wooden desk with a grunt and set the desk down roughly. I noticed his biceps straining from the weight and I could feel myself getting wet. I was wearing a orange bikini top and my white skirt, Matt did not know, but I was not wearing underwear.
"Thank you again, I should give you some money for helping me." I said softly.
"No, that's okay, you don't." Matt said shyly.
"You have to let me pay you somehow." I said with a seductive smile. "What about this?"
I leaned in slowly and gently kissed his lips letting my full lips linger for a second. I pulled back and opened my eyes. He was staring at me now, his breathing was heavy and I could tell he was hard again.
"Maybe you could help me with some more things, if you're interested." I said quietly.
Matt just nodded not able to say anything.
"Okay, move the desk back where it was." The smile on my face growing coyly.
As he put the desk back, I was right behind him and I kissed him hard this time, parting his lips with my tongue. My tongue massaged his as he began kissing me back awkwardly, yet forcefully.
"You're the first girl...the first." He stammered.
"I had a feeling." I said my chest was starting to heave and the wetness between my legs was growing.
"Slide the desk this way a few inches." I commanded and he did.
I stood back and undid my bikini top and let it fall to the floor. My nipples were hard on my full breasts and I grabbed his hand put it gently on my right breast. He looked at me first unsure, I nodded at him and he began to massage it.
"Slide it back." She whispered.
Matt did and he turned around and I was naked in front of him. He stared wildly at my beautiful body, my full round breasts were heaving and my beautiful shaved pussy was glistening with moisture.
I reached for his hand again, and gently placed it between my legs. I let out a small moan and moved his hand back and forth.
"Sit." I commanded as I led him to the sofa.

I kneeled in front of him and looked up into his eyes. I slowly unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. His dick was completely hard and I stared at it as I began to stroke it slowly. Matt shuddered and put his head back. His 17 year old dick was beautiful, ten inches, straight with a gorgeous head that I licked slowly with my tongue. I could feel his body tighten as I licked slowly around his head and down the shaft.
"Emily." Matt stammered.
"It's okay." I whispered and slowly began to put his dick in my mouth. It was hot and I could already feel his young, teenage orgasm building quickly. I stroked slowly in unsion with my lips up and down.
"Uhhh." Matt groaned. "Yes."
I began to suck harder on his dick and he came hard into my mouth. SI began to stroke harder and swallowed as much as I could. Matt's body was completely tense and his eyes were shut as he shot three long loads into my warm moist mouth. I could feel his body untense, but I kept slowly stroking his dick with my mouth. His cum had overflowed out of the corner of my mouth and was slowly sliding down to my chin. I looked up at him with smile and he looked down at her breathing heavily. I wiped the cum up from my chin and licked it off my finger with a smile.

"I hope you're not too busy this summer, because I'm thinking about rearranging my entire apartment."

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