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Erotic Emily

Scientific Research.....

Scientific Research.....

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I looked at the advertisement in amazement. "Female volunteers sought for new research into the orgasm." It gave an address and a phone number. Such an odd offer, like a red rag to a bull. I was even more intrigued after my application was accepted; I was given a place to be, but not the smallest detail about the nature of the research. Should I expect a questionnaire? Some frank chat? An interview with a psychologist?

I admit I was nervous when the day rolled around, but the handsome middle-aged gynecologist who interviewed me, asking the type of questions I had expected, soon relaxed me -- until he explained that the test was to involve physical testing procedures. He asked if I was 'happy with being touched'; I nodded, feeling slightly shocked but also, unquestionably, aroused. He asked me to sign a consent form for further testing. I can't pretend that I had no qualms, but I did it.

He smiled at me gently and beckoned me into a large, surgically lit room with a wide leather chair in its center. I balked slightly at the stirrups at its base, but the set-up wasn't all that different to a normal gynecologist’s office. He pulled a screen up and asked me to undress and get comfortable in the chair. I breathed deeply for courage, and sat.

He placed my feet in the stirrups, fastening them with a padded strap, and then did the same with my arms to the armrests, again with padded straps. I started in alarm; I couldn't move, or imagine what was coming next. He pulled a series of white screens close, shielding the room from my vision. "Tell me at any point if you want to be released," he said soothingly. "The straps help ensure the research is valid." He gave me that deep smile again, and I found myself relaxing, feeling an unquestionable surge of excitement at the though of being bound in front of him.

He pulled a gadget-covered trolley towards him, fiddling with some electronic device, then attached electrodes under my breasts and on my thighs, stomach, temples and just above my pussy. He then drew the screens away.

Unnoticed by me, three other male doctors had entered the room. My first reaction was fear, intimidation; but a strong sense of arousal lurked behind it. Here I was, naked, tied, my legs parted - and they could see everything. My doctor reassured me quietly that it was all part of the test.

He asked me to close my eyes, then poured oil liberally over my body. I felt his hands begin to massage me. I started to enjoy the attention, especially as his hands moved over my breasts, cupping them in his palms and circling gently.

I could feel myself becoming aroused, wanting him to touch me more. I moaned as his hands moved closer and closer to my nipples then shuddered as his fingers reached them. A repetitive beeping sound forced my eyes open; the dials and screens on the gadgets were going wild.

The doctor nodded, smiling slightly and looking pleased, as his hands began to caress the rest of my body, slowly, gently, spreading the warm oil over me and massaging it in. His fingers slid across me easily, moving further and further down towards my exposed pussy. I could feel my juices running, and I trembled slightly as I thought of the men who were now gazing with rapt attention at my pink, gleaming wet slit.

The doctor poured warm oil over my lips standing between my thighs. I could feel it dripping and trickling down over my pussy. His fingers expertly but softly massaged my pubic mound. With long, slow movements, he caressed my outer labia, murmuring to me huskily all the while to try to relax.

I closed my eyes once again and let the feelings wash over me. After a while he moved on to my inner labia, massaging with long slow movements. He continued to tell me to relax and breathe deeply as he moved on to my clit, circling it clockwise then counter-clockwise as I gasped from the proximity of his fingers and the need to be touched.

I opened my eyes and watched his face as he carefully, delicately inserted his middle finger inside me. Slowly he explored my pussy with his right hand, drawing his finger precisely in and out. I moaned softly as it crooked upward and brushed my G-spot. My over-sensitized nerves tensed as another finger entered me, twisting softly round across my G-spot. I let out a moan through clenched teeth; heat was rising along my body, my heat beating hard in my ears.

I felt the doctor's slippery hand stretch across my groin, the pad of his thumb rubbing repeatedly across my swollen, pulsing clit. I gasped as I felt his little finger slowly being pushed into the bud of my ass. I panted hard as a powerful orgasm shook me, traveling from deep inside my filled pussy to the tied-down, grasping tips of my fingers.

I lay there gasping and shuddering, eyes clenched, trying to get my breath back. The sounds of movement distracted me; my half-recovered eyes snapped wide open and I watched, somewhere between shock and awe, as all the doctors removed their clothes and stood naked before me, their erections seeming huge to my eyes.

I watched helpless as the first doctor slipped a condom over his excited cock, then took a small vibrator from the trolley and lubricated it. He smiled at me and placed himself back between my thighs. I gasped, speechless, almost fearing what was to come next, and powerless to stop it.

Another doctor put some wooden blocks on either side of the chair, steps of some kind. The chair was lowered so that I was leaning back. The first doctor stood between my thighs, his hard cock in his hand, guiding it to the entrance of my pussy. He slowly entered me a little, about an inch; still throbbing from the last orgasm, my pussy seemed to open itself wider, begging him to fill me up. I could feel more than see the other doctors crowding closer around my chair, feel more than see the heat rising from their bodies as the blood rushed to my clit.

Carefully he pushed his hard cock inch by inch inside me. My pussy contracted around it, welcoming it, drawing it in. He thrust in and out slowly, torturously, and a buzzing cam from his hand as he switched on the vibrator. He parted my lips with gentle fingers, lowering the vibrator and slowly circling, never quite touching my clit. I arched my pelvis up to meet him, wriggling to force the vibrator onto my hardness, clenching his cock into me with every thrust, feeling him hit the deepest part of me, trying to force my bound thighs wider apart so I got more of him, harder and faster. My eyes flickered open and I could see the rest of the doctors with their eyes fixed on my flushed face and their hands moving furiously as they massaged their erect cocks in a frenzied rhythm.

One of the other doctors climbed the steps and straddled the chair, his hard cock so close to my face that I could smell the sweat of his arousal. He tugged gently on my hair, pulling my open mouth - desperate now for something to fill it - to his cock. My lips circled its tip and I played my tongue over his cock.

Tied and completely helpless, I surrendered what was left of my self to the pounding waves of pleasure that built from deep inside my pussy filled as it was by the strongly thrusting cock of the first doctor. The vibrator circled my aching clit, drawing me ever closer to a juddering, shuddering relief, and I gave into my impulses, sucking that other cock far back into my throat, gasping as I lost my breath. I could hear the men around me approach their own frantic peaks.

As I reached another orgasm, I suddenly felt the wet vibrator slide into my ass. I bucked wildly against the padded straps as I came over and over, each orgasm getting stronger and more intense. My pussy contracted around the first doctor's cock and I felt him, too, begin to buck as he came, while hot splashes cascaded down my open throat.

I lay there exhausted, throbbing from head to feet, trying to process what had just happened, then felt a warmth creep over me. I opened my eyes to find the first doctor, back in his white coat now, covering me with a blanket. He smiled.

"I can't thank you enough," he said. "That was by far the most successful test we've ever done." I smiled back, awkward but pleased; I'd done my bit for science.

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