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Erotic Emily

Restroom Rendezvous Part III

Restroom Rendezvous Part III

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Karen drew me close to her, holding my head against her breasts as I recovered my breath. Finally a wave of exhaustion passed through my body, and I felt I understood the effort it takes for a man to so often be the one on top. I gently caressed my fingers over her one exposed and still heaving breast, as she finally drew in much needed deep breaths, then tilted my head to smile up at her.

"I fucked you good."

"Oooh did you fuck me good." She gasped and laughed at the same time, pressing a kiss to my beckoning lips.

"Oh god, Jeff... we really need to get back out there. He'll want to take his lunch too. And I didn‘t even eat anything."

I nodded in agreement, and then winked at her. "But I've already had lunch."

"Oh you..."

She moaned softly and squirmed as I finally, carefully, withdrew from her. I stepped back from the counter, wriggling the strap-on down from my hips, being careful not to trip over the harness in my heels.

"What are you going to do with that now?"

"Oh... leave it here for someone else to put to good use."

"No!" She gasped in surprise.

I grinned and shook my head, moving to the basin beside her and turning on the hot water tap.

"I'll just rinse it off and put it in my purse... I didn't bring such a large one with me for no good reason, you know."

She playfully slipped off the counter, straightening her dress, and then moved into one of the toilet stalls, fetching a few tissues and cleaning herself up. I shook the strap-on dry then stiffened as I felt her hands on the back of my thighs, my legs parting willing at her touch. The tip of her tongue ran over my closed pussy lips, gently working its way between them, eagerly lapping up the juices that spilled from me at their parting. She groaned as if she enjoyed it, slowly withdrawing with a lingering teasing lap of her tongue. I felt the rough paper tissue rubbing over my thighs as she wiped up the moistness from my thighs.

Karen stood up, one hand still under my dress, cupping my mound and fingering my clit, her hand between my legs as she pressed against me from behind. We stood there for a moment, enjoying each other's embrace, before I gently shrugged my way out of her arms. "We have to get back." I took up the strap-on again, bending over to pick up my purse, then slipping it inside and zipping it up, safe and secure and secret.

Opening the restroom door, I took a quick peek outside to see if anyone was looking in our direction. They weren't, so Karen and I slipped out of the room, smiling to each other and once again checking to see that our clothing was in its proper place. With that established we strode with renewed confidence through the lobby and back to the reception desk. Jeff was deeply engaged in a discussion with a customer to notice that we returned, that is until Karen brushed past him to assist a customer.

Jeff wrapped an arm around me as I clocked back in, leaning in flirt like he always does. "Mmn, you smell good."

I blushed, looking across at Karen as she clocked in. "Well thank you"

"Yes indeed, what did you two get for eat, taking so long for lunch."

I grinned, resting a hand on his shoulder, my fingers teasing across his neck, hidden beneath his long hair.

"Oh, you know, just masturbating with my girlfriend." I gave his hair a gentle tug.

"Oh really?" His voice lowered, and I could see his cock jerk beneath his jeans in response.

"Mmm, you wish." I whispered back as I pushed his shoulder.

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