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Erotic Emily

Restroom Rendezvous Part II

Restroom Rendezvous Part II

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As she spoke I carelessly tossed the purse to the side and quickly pressed my body close against hers, marveling at her curves and loving the way our breasts pressed against each others, fighting for predominance.

She gasped.

"You've got a cock!"

Karen took very little time in raising the hem of my rather short black dress up over the now obvious bulge of a rather substantial cock, laughing as she did so. "I can't believe you, you're wearing a strap-on to work... Mmm, Em...!"

Her voice trailed off, faltering as desire and the excitement of the situation overcame her. She began rubbing her body against me, wrapping a small hand around the shaft of my flesh-colored and realistic looking but ultimately fake cock with her hand, guiding it to press against her arousal beneath her dress.

I wrapped my arms around her, my mockery of a cock pressing painfully hard against her as I lifted her off the floor and promptly placed her on the counter by the basins, her heels banging loudly against the washroom cabinets beneath her.

Trailing my hand up from her ribbon enwrapped calves, over her knees and to her bare thighs; I groaned and bit my lip as I felt the slick wetness of her juices leaking between her thighs. My gaze locked with hers, and we shared a warm smile as my hand moved onwards, soon resting against the swollen lips of her pussy. As I had expected, she wore no panties. I moved a knowing finger against the swollen button of her clit, and then dipped downwards into her sopping center.

Karen groaned, her movements encouraging one of her buttons to slip out of it’s hole once again. It slipped further than it had when she bent over to pick up a piece of paper in the lobby, elegantly revealing a full, bra-unencumbered breast. I feasted my eyes upon the sight as she lifted a hand, her body pressing back against the mirrored wall behind her as she squeezed and toyed with the exposed breast. My fingers stilled within her as I became distracted by the breathtaking sight.

Once again, she had me distracted, regaining the upper hand. But I was, for once, truly capable of doing something about it. I withdrew my fingers, raising my hand to my mouth and eagerly tasting of her juices. She looked to me with a smile. Karen eased herself forward on the counter, linking her hands behind my neck and nuzzling my face affectionately, her tongue darting out of her mouth and into mine, tasting of her own juices. The lifting of her butt-cheeks as she leant towards me and the subsequent releasing of her dress from beneath her, was the very opportunity I needed.

Moving my own arms around her, I eased my strap-on cock up against her pussy, attempting to enter her. It instantly felt awkward, and we laughed easily about it, the way only lovers can. After a few seconds of unsuccessfully trying to make it work, Karen took over. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and looked down between us, mumbling, "Hang on a minute..."

I took the full brunt of her weight against my body, groaning at the twinge of pleasure that sent through me, and I watched as she spread herself open with her fingers, exposing her beautiful pink center to the head of my cock and slowly easing herself down onto it. It was a glorious sight, her head fell back, and her body arched into mine in the most intimate of movements, our breasts bounced, but my gaze was upon hers as I finally penetrated her.

Reaching down between our now joined bodies, I quickly set the vibration in motion, sending continuous waves of pleasure deep into her, and a small piece was pressed against my clit, vibrating and pleasuring me at the same time.

Karen cried out, her hand grasping for something and hitting the mirror, smearing its surface with streaks of her finger prints. "Oh fuck me with it, Em, please!" Like I needed an invitation! Her other hand quickly started fingering her swollen pearl, we both knew our time was limited.

Gripping her outer thighs, I roughly pushed up her dress so I could watch the unfamiliar sight of a cock attached to my body, penetrating her. Using the counter to help balance some of her weight, I began the motion of raising up onto my toes then falling back on my heels, over and over again as I thrust into her. It certainly helped that I was wearing one of my highest pair of high heels.

The sound of her wetness squelching around my cock as I moved in and out of her pussy was exciting me to new heights. Before long our juices were mingling, my plastic cock dripping with thin strands of Karen's wetness, my own thighs shining and slick. My pussy was aching for want of something hard and thick inside me, but the continuous rapid vibrations against my clit, and the thrill of being able to literally fuck my lover like a man, was more than enough for now.

Karen whimpered in her need, her eyes squeezed shut in extreme pleasure, continuing to finger herself expertly and quickly. I knew it was unlikely that over the hum of conversation in the hotel, anyone would hear us, but it was still risky, which added to the excitement. I moved one of my hands from Karen's thigh, pressing it firmly over her mouth to keep her quiet. Her eyes flew open then visibly rolled back in her head, her nostrils flaring as her lungs strained for air, our bodies helplessly thrusting back and forth, working towards almost attained mutual pleasure.

I fucked her harder and faster, and for a moment it almost seemed as if the long realistic looking cock that was attached to my body actually was my own flesh. As I built towards orgasm I closed my eyes, imagining a steady stream of creamy cum bursting forth from the head of my cock and flooding Karen's' quivering and beckoning pink insides. I was straining to reach deeper inside her than I ever had before, at the same time crushing the vibrating butterfly against my clit.

Karen's mouth moved helplessly against my hand, making ragged gasps and the suppressed moans of words that no one would ever hear, and I overflowed with the womanly cum I could never shoot into her, my wetness dripping down my thighs. I bit down hard on my bottom lip, my head falling backwards as I held the strap-on cock deep within her, shuddering and shaking through climax.

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