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Erotic Emily

Restroom Rendezvous Part I

Restroom Rendezvous Part I

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Some days I don't know how I can go on living without her. Other days our arrangement, the secret rendezvous and the brief but passionate stolen moments we find to make love to one another. Its no secret to our close friends that we are bi-sexual and the best of friends.

I have to admit that I am the dominant one, with Karen, at least. Sometimes I just wish I had a cock so I could take control, boss my partner around, make them crave my penetration and then fuck them senseless... that isn't really EASY to do when you've only got a pussy. Believe me, I've tried and to no avail. Don't get me wrong, I love being dominated as much as the next girl, but on occasion... Well, Karen is perfect for me in that way. She loves being told what to do, and when to shut up and just be fucked. And it's all in good fun, really good fun when we use toys.

I had decided ahead of time that both of us having to work at the hotel was the perfect opportunity for one of our stolen moments, and it was to be almost directly under our boss' nose.

After attending to a customer in the spa I went to see if Karen was busy at the front desk. I figured if we didn’t have any customers we both could take our lunch and be gone for awhile, upon seeing that she wasn’t busy I grasped the opportunity to steal Karen away. I approached the main desk to clock out for lunch, the other receptionist/assistant manager, Jeff, was sitting behind the counter beside Karen.

"Well Jeff, I am headed to lunch."

I flashed a charming smile at them both, and a little leg too as I punched my time card, looking across at Karen expectantly.

"Oh! Yes, well, I'll join you." She was quick to rise from her seat, and punch her time card.

Jeff chuckled, giving a look, you know that look... 'Women!' is what it infers. The weaker sex, with small bladders ...

What men don't realize or perhaps they affectionately chose to ignore, is that our group migrations to the bathroom are wonderful opportunities to vent about them and share the latest gossip, especially in a group setting. Complaints about your partner's performance in the sack or his embarrassing habit of farting in bed (a libido killer, by the way), or how amused you were at catching your son/sibling/family friend masturbating in the shower, don't always go over well in mixed company.

I don't think he noticed our joining hands as we moved off to the ladies room, and if he did, it meant nothing out of the ordinary and raised no suspicion. Because, girls always hold hands - right?

I let my hand slip from Karen's so that she would move ahead of me, taking the opportunity to give her a thorough look-over while I had the chance. I imagined we made quite an attractive looking pair. Karen wore a flatteringly clingy blue dress suit that fell to just below her knees. Her legs were bare and smooth shaven; her feet clad in stylish blue high-heels that crossed over her blue painted toes, wide ribbon entwining its way up her calves from the back of the heel, finally tied in a small bow.

I myself was wearing a sleeveless and shockingly short black dress with rather dangerously tall black high-heels, I was dressed to kill, or stun at the very least.

"Oh! It's out of order..." Karen's voice trailed off in dismay as she noticed a sign on the woman's restroom door.

What Karen didn't know was that I'd placed the out of order sign on the door.

I laughed, affectionately tweaking one of her plump butt-cheeks, "No, it isn't really."

Looking around, I made certain that no one was paying us undue attention before I opened the door and motioned Karen in front of me and into the room, quickly slipping in and closing the door promptly behind us.

She looked behind me to the door handle, her brows furrowing in concern. "Hey, there's no lock..."

"Oh, don't worry about that, no one is going to come into an out of order public restroom." I reasoned with her.

She gave me that look, a sexy pout, and lifted brow with a hint of... Please tell me you're thinking what I think you're thinking. "What are you up to?"

"Well, I thought I'd fuck you, here and now."

I noticed her involuntary intake of breath, and the way she swayed slightly on her feet. I knew she was squeezing her thighs together to quell the sudden flutter of arousal I'd triggered within her.

"It doesn't take that long to eat lunch." She argued weakly.

But I just wasn't listening anymore. Her change in breathing, the moistening of her lips, and the widening of her eyes... all had me very enchanted. I just loved exciting this woman.

I slowly moved towards her, swaying my hips seductively, my heels clicking loudly on the ceramic tiled floor with each purposeful step. My purse was held in front of me, kept close to my body.

She kept glancing between the playful look in my eyes and my oddly held purse, "Just what are you hiding?"

I shrugged, smirking faintly and still leading her on, "What makes you think I'm hiding anything?"

"You have been holding that thing the entire time we were walking; you didn't even put it on the floor while working... And honestly," She paused, trying not to offend me; "...it doesn't really match your dress."

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